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Tour de France giveaway — Buy a bike during the tour and get £500-worth of servicing.

Diamond Service

Diamond Service
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Once you've paid for your service you'll receive an invite from HubTiger to make your  booking.
  • General bike inspection (brakes, drivetrain, wheels), all aligned and restored to working order
  • Bike cleaned and polished to a shiny finish
  • Seat post removed, checked, degreased, torqued up (with carbon paste where necessary)
  • Cockpit check (stem and steerer, handlebars, levers)
  • Wheels trued
  • Drivetrain check: everything removed, checked for wear, cleaned, repaired or replaced*
  • Frame cleaned and inspected for damage
  • Complete bike overhaul. Everything removed to the bare frame, inspected, cleaned, greased, restored to perfect working order
  • Bearings - headset, wheels, bottom bracket, jockey wheels - all deep-cleaned and greased
  • Replaced if necessary*
  • Seat post cut to size
  • Fork steerer cut to size
  • Accessory fitting*

*Replacement parts or accessories will be agreed with you before fitting, excluding sundry items such gear cables, chains, brake pads et. al.

RaptorCare Service plans

Miles, better.

Beyond our RaptorCare support we also provide expert technical support if you ride a Raptor or not. Whatever your needs, our servicing plans have you covered. Keeping you on the road for longer. And if you're a Raptor owner, good news, get 20% off all service plans.

Select your plan below and get it booked in and you'll be back on the road in no time.

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