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Take a ride on the wild side.

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Whether it's a day of all-road adventure or shredding local singletrack the GR1's more than capable of handling anything that's thrown at it. Massive 45mm tyre clearance will allow you to glide over whatever nature throws at it.

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All-terrain aero

The GR1 shreds the idea that off-road means slow. It's packed with sculpted aerodynamic features that allow it to slice through the air without compromising the ride quality.

45mm tyre clearance

No matter your wheel size, the GR1 has room for 45mm rubber. Enough to give you comfort and confidence when the conditions get wet and wild.

Balanced handling

The GR1 has racey geometry optimised for tyre widths over 40mm which comes into its own when you engage attack mode on the trails, yet also at home as an all-road machine with narrower tyres.


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